How do you choose a ring that will thrill your partner, and meet your expectations of quality and workmanship?

Choosing the right jeweller for your ring is the first, and likely the most important, decision you will make. At Bogart Wedding Proposals we will be happy to direct you to a reliable, quality jeweller in the area - a company that would provide the kind of design options, selection, quality and price point that would work for you.

Local Victoria Jewellers that carry an exquisite line of engagement rings!

Barclay’s Fine Jewellers - 250-592-1100 (
2187 Oak Bay Avenue
*Barclay’s Fine Jewellers was founded in 1986. They pride themselves in their expertise, craftmanship and exceptional client care.

Francis Jewellers - 250-384-3414 (
617 Broughton Street
*Francis Jewellers’ focus is on custom design and hand made jewellery.

Idar Jewellers - 250-383-3414 (
946 Fort Street
*In 1982 Idar developed his own line of jewellery - modern sensibilities are blended with Nordic, West Coast, and ancient Celtic custom designs to create jewellery that is both fresh and classic.

Old ‘N’ Gold Jewellers - 250-361-1892 (
706 Fort Street
*Old N’ Gold has a great selection of well-priced estate and antique jewellery.

Paul Mara Jewellers - 250-475-1444 (
657 Fort Street
*Paul Mara Jewellers was born in 1987 - Paul and his team have a passion for jewellery and commitment to exceptional service, product selection and custom design.

Banner by Chelsea Warren Photography
Victoria International Marina
(Noam Carver Engagement Ring from Barclay’s Fine Jewellers)